10 Memorial Medical Drive, Greenville, SC

About Us

Greenville Kidney Care is dedicated to serving patients with a broad spectrum of kidney disease as well as the conditions these diseases can produce. We choose the kind of physicians that we ourselves would like to care for our families. Each physician’s credentials and training have been extensively reviewed. We offer integrated care, with you and your family as important participants in your care. We work closely with referring physicians in order to create a team approach toward patient care. Our board certified physicians are dedicated to providing patients with the latest diagnostic and treatment care available for a wide range of kidney diseases, from hypertension to kidney stones and renal transplants.


- Renal artery stenosis
- Acute renal failure
- Follow-up kidney transplant
- Polycystic kidney disease
- Renal cysts/tumors
- Kidney stones

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Kidney Disease

- Chronic kidney disease
- Hematuria
- Anemia of chronic kidney disease
- Urinary tract infections
- Hypertension
- Proteinuria

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Related Conditions

- Swelling of feet, hands, or face
- Fatigue or weakness
- Shortness of breath
- Back or flank pain
- Loss of appetite
- Nausea and vomiting

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